Innovate to accumulate in 2018

The landscape is changing. Your customers are investing in new print equipment and this creates a big opportunity for you to sell them innovative media products for small format digital printers and multifunctional devices. Large format print is also booming and is something you can offer as a service to your customers. Large format kit has never been more affordable, giving you the facility to produce roll-up banners, displays and posters - with fantastic margin potential. Don’t miss this enlightening seminar PLUS complimentary Coffee Break Guide to Wide Format Print and voucher for a place on a fabulous Digital Academy workshop.

Take home points:

  • The landscape is changing - can you change with it?
  • The demand for print - large and small formats - is growing fast
  • Costs are coming down fast too
  • How you can exploit this enormous market potential!

This session is for:
Any dealer looking to grow business in a lucrative and growing area

Jim Whittington
Digital Business Partner, Antalis UK
Jim has a wealth of experience when it comes to all things paper!  He’s spent 6 years ‘mill side’ - from newsprint and publishing to real art and creative papers - and 15 years ‘merchant side’ working at Antalis.  His roles have included graphic arts consultant and digital business partner.  Jim is a true expert when it comes to paper and print.