Email marketing tips and tricks

Email can be an effective tool in a salesperson's arsenal. Find out how to improve engagement, open rates, deliverability, enhance personalisation, how to analyse data and more about the part email plays in the sales funnel.

Take home points

  • Go home armed with the info you need to boost your email marketing effectiveness;
  • Find out where email fits into a multi-channel marketing approach;
  • How to ensure your email marketing complies with the new GDPR deadlines.

This session is for:

Salespeople keen to seriously upskill their email marketing

Oliver Gleave
Product Director at Loop Software
Oliver is a keen technologist with over fifteen years’ experience in helping small businesses better understand software to drive their sales and marketing performance.

Simon Wallis
Business Development Director, KIWI/InControl
Simon has worked in the office supplies channel for over 20 years in sales and marketing roles, resulting in a wealth of knowledge and experience in helping office product dealers to communicate products and services to consumers