Some feedback from 2018’s event:

“This is a great event with excellent, relevant seminars and supported by quality suppliers for the exhibition. I would recommend the day to anyone who wants a great future in this industry. I'm looking forward to next year's event.” Martin White, Irongate Group

“Very enjoyable day; thank you all for your hard work.” Steve Carter, Advantia

Dealer Support Live is a really useful event to attend, from my perspective. The day puts the dealer front and centre, which is very refreshing, filled with informative seminars and networking opportunities.” Gary Tremaine, business unit manager, BPR Group

“Really worthwhile day. Lots of relevant content, engaged suppliers and new ideas.” Michael Lowes, Activ Business Solutions

“The entire day was pleasurable.” Gurdy Sehota, PBS Office


Dealer Support Live returns this year with a new location, a new format and a new attitude! Taking place on 17 October at Coventry's Ricoh Arena, the day will once again create an interactive experience that brings the magazine to life. Last year, we were preparing for 2019 to be filled with uncertainty; little did we know just how uncertain it would be. The Brexit deadline came and went and was rescheduled for 31 October 2019, meaning that we still won't know what's happening by the time this year’s Dealer Support Live occurs. As such, our theme has shifted to become the unofficial slogan of the US Marines: Improvise, adapt, overcome.

We, as an industry, must be able to adapt to the situations thrown at us through improvisation, and overcome the inevitable hurdles that we come across in uncertain times. Dealer Support Live is an event that's specifically designed for dealers and provides delegates with the knowledge they need to promote strength and growth within their business.

The day is about providing tangible, relevant information that can be taken away and immediately applied to your working lives in a way that truly makes a difference. You've given us a lot of feedback over the previous four years and we've not only listened, but we're putting it into practice; this year, Dealer Support Live separates the seminars from the exhibition, ensuring that delegates are able to attend the talks they wish to see, secure in the knowledge that they will also have plenty of time to browse the stands.

The new format will see four seminars running in the morning before the exhibition opens, while short and informative, interactive workshops will run throughout the afternoon. Additionally, the ever-popular industry Q&A will run towards the end the day, while tea and coffee, lunch and networking drinks will also be provided.


Dealer success

The future is still uncertain; at last year's event we spoke a great deal about preparing for Brexit, but the deadline has come and gone and little has changed. This year, we're focusing on championing the success of the dealer in a variety of ways – from industry insight and managing change to CSR, wellbeing, innovative technology and beyond.

Our live event will continue to give dealers a balanced view of the current marketplace in order to help fool-proof their operations, preparing them for whatever the future might hold.

Open Q&A

Once again we will run a Q&A panel where delegates have the chance to direct questions, openly, to a group of key industry figures with a variety of specialities.


The exhibition will remain a key part of the day – in fact, we're increasing the focus on this by opening it after the first block of seminars is over, ensuring that guests and exhibitors get plenty of face-to-face time without sacrificing any other part of the event.

Information to go
Dealer Support LIVE offers marketplace insights and business solutions that will help dealers make informed decisions about the direction of their business. There will be the quick and easy wins that can be applied to your business straight away, as well as more in-depth business modifications that are thought and time-intensive.

No-one knows the challenges and benefits of running a reseller business better than those who do it. Dealer Support LIVE is a fantastic opportunity to network with others business leaders in the sector, sharing experiences and solutions and forging long-lasting, professional relationships to benefit you and your business.