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Horizontal and vertical diversification
Mark Heath, Bluefish Office Products

As sales of traditional office products continue to slide, dealers simply must look to diversify. In this seminar we take a look at how to successfully diversify by entering new verticals and selling more products to existing customers.

Opening doors to differentiation
Ben Appleby, Exertis Supplies

Find out how working with a distributor can help to open doors, ensure successful sales in new markets and allow you to be different to your competitors.

Hot desks
Chris Scott, DAMS

How can dealers get a foothold into the lucrative furniture and office fit out market and effectively deliver the goods?

Thinking outside the box
Shaun Wilkinson, UTAX (UK)

Selling services, not just commodity products, requires a shift in business and sales mindset. We reveal the changes dealers need to make in order to successfully become an effective service solution provider.

Are you sitting comfortably?
Steve Plaistowe, Fellowes

By selling the benefits of ergonomic products to their customers, dealers can easily grow business. In this seminar Fellowes reveal which products are hot right now and share some nifty ways to get the sales message across.



Effective team leadership
Shweta JhajhariaThe London Coaching Group

If you are asking yourself, "How do I manage my team better?" or are looking for team management best practices and proven strategies, then Effective Team Leadership is ideal for you. You will learn how the latest leadership style – what we call leadership 3.0 – works using the three big Ms: Measure, Manage and Motivate.

Unlocking sustainable profits and growth – without making costly mistakes
William Buist, Abelard / xTENClub

Discover a whole host of practical proven strategies and actions to lift your business.

Incentivising sales teams
Gordon Christiansen, The BP Group

Do you incentivise your sales team correctly, especially when it comes to selling service-based contracts? This seminar discusses why there's no one-size-fits-all solution and shares some tips to ensure your salespeople remain motivated enough to maximise all the opportunities open to them.

Mergers & acquisitions
Dave Rebbettes, BCMS Corporate

Knowing whether a planned acquisition or merger is the right thing to do requires careful planning, as does preparing your business to be sold. Our M&A experts outline what you need to know in order to move forward with confidence.


Sales success

Using data to sell
Steve Bilton, FusionPLUS Data

Data will be the driving force behind the way dealers sell as more and more business goes online. Here we look at how data is being used to give customers the information they need and the tools required to make them part with their cash.

Profiting from paper
Tim Percival, Antalis UK

We all use it and nearly all dealers sell it. That's why it's important you can profit from your paper sales. Find out how you can get away from selling office paper solely on price and instead start thinking about premium papers and the opportunities they offer.

Invigorate your marketing communication
Sean Feast & Andy Greaves, Gravity PR

Looking to invigorate your marketing communication and engage your customers with brilliant content marketing? The secrets of success will be revealed in this fast-paced run through what makes customer communication really work.

Selling Online
Joseph Gourvenec,

How can dealers successfully sell online and beat off competition from the big online behemoths?The battle for tomorrows business, we’ll be looking at the change in customer convenience, routes to market and strategic tactics to beat your local and national competitors online. Plus tools and insight to really go head to head with the big online behemoths. 

The new rules of selling (for dealers)
Andy Preston,

Ex-top salesperson in office supplies (and now top recommended sales speaker) Andy Preston delivers a 'must-attend’ session for Salespeople and Dealers who want to increase sales, and stop losing business to the competition. Andy’s session looks at how Sales has changed, and the skills the modern salesperson needs to be successful in a dealer environment going forward.

Using independent database tools to make more sales
Gerry O’Rourke, Buyers Laboratory

Find out how dealer sales staff can use detailed and independent research data to influence and win competitive business equipment sales.

The future

Future stars
Gary Naphtali, Performance 1st

Dealers are struggling to find and recruit the best new talent to their businesses. So what can be done to ensure there isn't a black hole of talent waiting around the corner? We find out.

3D print: Who wants it? 
Ben Appleby, Exertis Supplies

3D print is the hottest and most exciting print technology we've seen for years but who’s buying it, what different technologies are available and how can you make money from selling the printers and consumables?

Dealers of the future
Simon Drakeford, Office Power

How will successful dealers work in 2020 and what does the roadmap to the future look like?

Changing buyer behaviour  
Bob Geens, Advantia

How is consumer buying behaviour changing and what will influence buying decisions in the future? We take a look into the industry crystal ball and find out how dealer businesses need to evolve in order to achieve future success.

The future of EOS
Tony Meyers, Stock in the Channel

How will EOS and the distribution of it evolve over time and how can dealers prepare for the changes?