Telephone appointment-making and cold calling

Elaine is a true, die hard believer in the power of telemarketing - and direct marketing in general. And she knows what she's talking about - she has 35 years' experience in the B2B and B2C telemarketing arenas.Telemarketing continues to be an immensely powerful tool for salespeople and creating a solid, lead-generation strategy can help you build trust and capture the interest of your buyer before they have even thought about approaching the rest of the market. So, what tactics reallywork and how can telemarketing be used most effectively to boost business? Elaine will share some tried and tested 'trade secrets' and reveal some very effective cold calling techniques.

Take home points
• Telemarketing is a powerful tool; are you using it effectively?
• What's your lead-generation strategy?
• Tried and rested tactics that will boost your business.
• Effective cold calling techniques

This session is for:
Salespeople seeking the confidence and skills to do more telesales business

Elaine Land
Business Development Manager, 4marketing
Elaine has been in the telemarketing arena for 35 years. During that time she has been a telemarketer and run her own telemarketing business with 50+ staff, spending her entire working life extolling the virtues of telemarketing as a valid route to market.  

Elaine has worked with a huge range of businesses over the years - including law firms, accountancy practices, IT companies, property companies – the list goes on. With a strong understanding of telemarketing, and how it fits into the market place, Elaine has a breadth of knowledge in terms of what works for a business - and what doesn’t.