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Effective marketing

Mark Pinner has a career in FMCG spanning the UK, Europe, Middle East and Africa. He has held various marketing and sales positions within leading global office products businesses including Bic, Fellowes and Avery.

This is great news for Dealer Support LIVE because, in 2018, marketing matters more than ever – getting to grips with all the tools out there, and then delivering a sound value proposition, will ensure that businesses stay ahead of the evolving opportunities and threats that come in an increasingly competitive market

Marc will deliver step-by-step guidance on how resellers can market themselves and their services, starting with knowing precisely how they want to be seen, through to how to get seen, and beyond.

Placing marketing at the very heart of business, Marc delivers strategies that put the customer and consumer experience first, creating a focused and dynamic culture for those businesses which deliver on these principles.

Dealers represent an important office products channel; Marc will use insights from leading office products brands to present simple and effective tactics and strategies which will help dealers win more at marketing.