Understanding and managing pricing

Based on the real-world experience of running a successful dealership, Mark explains why it’s vital dealers fully understand market pricing.  Are you up to speed? Try these questions for size - How relevant are RRP prices and discounts? What impact is Amazon having on all of this? When is it right to discount? How can dealers effectively control their pricing? What role does the supply chain play? If you're in any doubt about the answers to any of these questions, you can't afford to miss this cutting edge seminar!

Take home points:
• Why pricing should underpin all your business activities
• Have a clear plan about how to price (and why)
• Take away a real understanding of your pricing and discounting strategies

This session is for:
Dealer principals seeking a deep understanding of pricing policies

Mark Heath
Group MD of Bluefish Group, the leading independent office supplies provider delivering regional solutions through Bluefish Office, B-Line, STP and Hart Business.