Understanding the customer experience so you can thrive

In this competitive marketplace, independent dealers need to deliver an exceptional customer experience throughout the customer journey. This session will show how to make that happen by discussing the role technology plays and demonstrating why a deep understanding of the channel and how it works is needed.

Take home points:

  • Why customer experience needs to be at the heart of a dealer’s activities;
  • The role of marketing techniques in developing the customer experience;
  • The need to be flexible and open minded in order to succeed;
  • Why customer experience is important when diversifying into areas you’re uncomfortable with – so that customers remain happy

This session is for:
Dealers looking to find out how they can build a customer experience that really builds loyalty and boosts sales

Steve Harrop
CEO, Advantia
The free-thinking CEO of dealer group Advantia has held senior roles at Office Friendly, Spicers and Vow.  Steve has a unique perspective on what it takes for a dealer to be successful and what they need from their dealer group as technology, and the digitisation of society, takes quantum leaps.