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Diversifying to thrive, not just survive

This year’s Keynote Q&A session looks at the hottest topic we’ve encountered over the past 12 months – diversification in workplace supplies 2023 and beyond. 

Session Overview


One could argue diversification has been a staple of leading dealer businesses more than 20 years, with moves into furniture, FM supplies Tech products to name a few, and COVID forced many dealers to diversify at an accelerated rate again- current day diversification is at an exciting new level of opportunity! 

There is an evolution happening and dealers need to stay ahead of the curve - the industry is no longer just about business supplies but wider workplace supplies and solutions. Although challenging economic times are difficult to navigate, they also present opportunities that can be capitalised on.  What does this mean for you at dealer business level? Dealer businesses have relationships with millions of workplace purchasers across the UK which places you in the perfect position to upsell, switch sell and cross sell your way to new success. 

This keynote session brings together some of the industry leaders to explore diversification ideas from the simple switch on product expansion and how to identify these to gap analysis, what consumer trends are telling us, how to ramp up diversification quickly and profitably, right through to expansion through M&A and investment.   

Listen to dealers who have been there and done that and are keen to share their tips for success, alongside industry experts who have work closely with dealer businesses in large numbers and can share valuable industry insights and trends. 

Compere – Steve Carter, MD, Advantia 

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Jeanette Bresitz, MD, Office Friendly

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Steve Morley, sales director, Spicers 

Steve Morley_edited.jpg

Mark Heath, MD, Officer Power 

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This session is for: Dealers, sales managers, industry leaders.

Simone Hindmarch, MD, Commercial Group

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This session looks at:

  • What does the data tell us about growth trends? 

  • The different sector areas that dealers should consider selling into 

  • How mergers and acquisitions offer an opportunity to diversify 

  • How to diversify and grow despite times of economic uncertainty 

  • What are the quick wins in diversification for 2023

Darren Lloyd _edited.jpg

Darren Lloyd, CEO, UniteD

Take home points:

  • Strategies for selling or merging your business 

  • Knowledge of new product areas and new sectors 

  • Developing a growth mindset to be open to the options available 

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