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Net zero – what is it and how do I get there?

Seminar Brief

Toby is well known by many in the industry for his environmental and sustainability leadership. Whilst running his own dealership for 25 years he pioneered innovations such as reverse logistics, alternative fuel vehicle use, warehouse photovoltaics, and alternative product reporting for clients.      


On leaving the industry he took a role as chief executive of the Institute of Environmental Management and Assessment and now sits on the executive board of the British Association for Sustainable Sport, is chair of an Environmental Consultancy, and visiting lecturer at Westminster University. His qualifications include Masters degrees in Environment and Sustainability, and Logistics and Supply Chain Management from Cranfield.   

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Toby Robins


This session is for: CEOs, MDs, sustainability leaders, heads of corporate sustainability

Society, as we currently know it, produces a range of gases that enter the Earth’s atmosphere creating a thin but effective blanket around the planet. This blanket is trapping heat which is inexorably changing the environment that has provided the ‘goldilocks’ conditions that have allowed humanity to thrive. The planet has various mechanisms that absorb the greenhouse gases being generated but these are currently out of balance with what is being produced.  

There is therefore an urgent imperative to transition to new ways of working and living so that the amount of gases produced is matched by the planet’s capacity to absorb it and thereby create a ‘net zero’ impact on the atmosphere. Nations throughout the world are implementing regulations to drive the decarbonisation of the economy. This creates risks, obligations and opportunities for you and your business. 

This seminar will provide you with taught theory and practical guidance on how to implement sustainability across your business. Delegates will receive critical advice on how to implement sustainable strategies for measuring carbon emissions in all three scopes. 

About the speaker

In this session Toby Robins will explore:

  • What is “Net Zero”? 

  • What does it mean for my business strategy? 

  • What does it mean for how my business operates? 

Take home points:

  • Learn how to identify areas where your business needs support and where that is available. 

  • Take away practical tips for measuring scope one, two and three emissions in your business. 

  • Learn strategies that you can implement across your businesses to maximise sustainability. 

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