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Recruiting and retaining STAFF in a volatile labour market 

Seminar Brief

As the labour market continues to be unpredictable, it's never been more important to place more emphasis on recruitment and retention. Employee retention plays a huge part in business success, it can boost employee morale, increase productivity and attract new talent to your business.  

High staff turnover and recruitment processes are costly for businesses, and as costs are rising you should be focusing on how you can retain staff and effectively recruit new talent that is best suited to your business and provide longevity. 


Alex Stone

sales director at Office Friendly

and co-chair of the Boss Leaders of the Future Committee 

This session is for: Dealers, business leaders and HR leads 

This session will explore:

  • How can you make sure your business is attracting the next generation of talent and nurturing it? 

  • What strategies can you implement to attract and welcome new talent into the business? 

  • How can the industry shake off its 'stale male and pale image'? 

Take home points:

  • Proven strategies to increase retention of staff. 

  • The benefits of retention. 

  • Cost-effective ways to recruit new talent. 

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