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the salespersons’ guide to breaking new markets 

Seminar Overview


Chris Kemp, MD at OSWorkplace, is a seasoned professional with over a decade of experience in sales, marketing, leadership and business growth in the office products industry. 

Under his guidance, the company has seen tremendous success and become a trusted name for business seeking innovative and efficient workplace solutions. 

Chris is a visionary leader who has dedicated his career to redefining the workplace solutions landscape and having spent 10 years growing OSWorkplace out with traditional office products, he has the unique ability to recognise opportunities for growth and diversification. 

Chris Kemp,

MD, Office Specialities 

Expanding into new markets can be a great opportunity for dealers to increase their revenue and customer base. However, breaking into new markets can also be a daunting challenge, especially for sales teams. In this seminar, we will provide salespeople and dealer principles with the tools and strategies they need to successfully sell into new markets.  

In this seminar, delegates will learn how to identify new markets that are a good fit for their products or services, and how to gather information on the needs and preferences of customers in these markets. It will also explore the importance of understanding the competitive landscape and how to differentiate oneself from other players in the market. By attending, participants will gain valuable insights and strategies that will help them succeed in the exciting and challenging world of breaking into new markets.  

About the speaker

  • Strategies for identifying potential new markets for your products or services 

  • Techniques for researching and understanding the needs and preferences of customers in new markets 

  • Approaches to differentiation and competitive positioning in new markets 

The seminar will explore:

Take home points:

  • Confidence in expanding into new markets 

  • Being able to cater for the needs and preferences of customers in chosen markets 

  • The ability to differentiate yourself from other players in the market 

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