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The changing face of the office

Session Overview

The Panel

The functionality, purpose and look of the workplace has changed dramatically since 2020 and it continues to evolve.  As many businesses continue to operate a hybrid working model, there are three clear areas where products and services are needed: the home-office, the workplace and the transition between the two.  

In this session, key industry figureheads will use their expert knowledge to discuss product trends, innovations and potential challenges that may be faced so dealers can be armed with the latest ideas and strategies to sell successfully. 

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Compere -

Martin Wilde, chair of the BOSS Business Supplies Charity

Steve Harrop_edited.jpg

Steve Harrop, head of commercial, Nectere 

This session is for: Dealers, sales managers, industry leaders 

In this session the panel will explore:

  • Trending product areas that dealers can capitalise on. 

  • How the purpose of the office is changing and how dealers should react to this. 

  • Ways dealers can diversify to adapt to the evolution of working environments. 

Ian Haywood_edited.jpg
large-Robbie Burgess_edited.jpg

Ian Haywood, partner and MD, UKOS 

Rob Burgess, business consultant, Integra Office Solutions

Take home points:

  • New ideas and strategies to innovate and grow. 

  • Knowing the purpose of each working environment and staying ahead of the upcoming changes to be able to adapt quickly. 

  • A renewed confidence and motivation to diversify. 

Mark Wilkinson_edited.png

MARK WILKINSON, regional vice president and general manager, UK & Ireland at Acco Brands

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