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The consumerisation of B2B eCommerce and why integration trumps everything 

Session Overview



The world of commerce is moving online at a pace. All dealers are aware by now that the world of commerce is increasingly shifting online, the pace of which was accelerated by the pandemic. It is no longer good enough to just have an online presence; in order to keep up, businesses must do more than just have an online presence, they need to ensure they are active rather than passive to be successful online in today’s digital environment. 

For dealers, eCommerce strategies need to be meaningful, monitored and managed to be truly effective. Making sure your business is active online will help you build deeper relationships with customers and close sales, and ensuring your eCommerce channels are checked routinely will help your business avoid miscommunication during a sale. 

Paddy Donnelly, MD, ES Tech Group, ECI Software Solutions 

This session is for: CEOs, MDs, sales directors.

The seminar will explore:

  • What strategies you can implement to make sure your business is staying active online? 

  • Guidance for managing and monitoring eCommerce services. 

  • Predictions for the future of eCommerce and the importance of integration 

Take home points:

  • Strategies for building deeper customer relationships. 

  • Practical tips to avoid miscommunication across eCommerce channels. 

  • Guidance on how to adapt to the continuously changing eCommerce environment. 

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